I welcome you to An American Soldier's Genealogy, and hope we can share some information. This site has 21,044 people that are related to my wife and I through blood and marriage. I have organized the data into three different categories to provide different methods of searching for names and information: Ancestral Charts, Family Group Records, and Pedigree Charts.

If you find a relative, let me know. I would like to share in your discovery. If you find errors or needed corrections in dates, places, or anything else, please let me know. I will never directly research most of these individuals, but I am interested in having as accurate information as possible.

I use Family Tree Maker (ver. 10.0) and Legacy (ver. 4.0) for my research. Those that would care for parts of my file in [.ftw], [.fdb], or [.ged] format are welcome to the information. Just email me your specific request.
Christopher D. Wokal
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