I have placed my Ancestral Family File here. It is my intent to share this family information in the hope that a distant relative somewhere can share some additional information with me. If you know more than what I have here, or you have photos that you would like to share, please email me.

In some cases, information is intentionally left blank. It is my sincerest desire to keep private information private. Therefore, I have omitted all but names on individuals that are still alive. Unfortunately, that means that you may not know that I am missing some information.

If you are a relative of mine, I would very much like for you to correct inaccurate data and to contact me. I was recently invited to a family reunion of some of my cousins this way. I would not have known about the reunion if it weren't for one of my cousins stumbling across this site and contacting me.

The genealogy information here includes entries for 1,209 individuals and 391 distinct surnames. They are all the direct ancestors I've found in my research, so far. This Ancestral Chart demonstrates 57 generations of my daughter's lineage - reaching back to the 300's AD.
Christopher D. Wokal
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